Reader Spotlight – Ron Muka

Ron calls himself the “Large Tall Medium” because as Ron says, “Large Tall is my shirt size so I put my
size together with being a medium.” His tag line is, “Bringing you short messages from the larger spirit
world.” He says, “the larger spirit world,” because besides deceased loved ones, he brings information
from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, living people, various aspects of your life, and more.

Ron was not always a professional psychic. Back in high school, he wanted to help people by being a
counselor, so he studied Psychology on his own but found it to be lacking. He then pursued many
spiritual paths including various religions and belief systems. He took classes in channeling and
medium ship. After many years of study, a classmate offered to pay him for a reading. “At that point I
knew it was time to become a professional.”

Ron started offering medium ship readings at various fairs. “I was doing well as a medium, but I soon
realized that people were often more interested in my psychic abilities.” Because all mediums are
psychic: “It was an easy transition to doing both medium ship and psychic readings.” He can look into
your past, present, and future life. However, he emphasizes that the future is not written in stone: “If I
tell you something about your future, it is usually so you can avoid potential problems or embrace
desired opportunities.”

However, what Ron consistently found was that people wanted answers to their problems and wanted
to know how to reach their goals. Therefore, he offers spiritual counseling with the goal of bringing the
client into vibrational alignment. “A person’s soul, subconscious mind, analytical mind, and actions need
to be headed in the same direction in order for a person to be most successful in anything they do.” He
combines what he has learned from psychology and religion with his psychic and mediumship abilities to
help people navigate their lives: “For the most part, I can quickly see what needs attention. Spirits tell
me what I don’t see on my own.” He also uses tarot and oracle cards to get additional information.

Ron enjoys the Michigan Psychic Fair where you can get a reading from him and other psychics and
energy workers. Contact us at for a current schedule or for more information
about the fairs and to inquire about Ron’s appearances there. For more information about Ron or to
schedule a private session or a psychic party, call him at 248-377-9909, text him at 248-705-8077, or
email him at [email protected]