Reader Spotlight – Pauline Dettloff

Pauline was with Michigan Psychic Fair at our first event over a decade and a half ago, but she’s been a
reader much longer than that. “I worked 35 years ago, when you had to have dual names, as you could get
arrested for this. It always had to be a secret back then. Now, it’s more open and comfortable. It’s truly
wonderful to come to a place like Michigan Psychic Fair, to feel safe and know that readings are

Even in the darker days, when being a practicing psychic could get her in trouble, Pauline knew she had a
gift she had to offer to the public. “I care about people so deeply- I want to help them with their destiny, in
their love life, in their personal life, their purpose.” To Pauline, offering this help is a higher calling. “I
sometimes think I came in as a minister. My passion is to help people with their path in life.”

Pauline uses a variety of techniques in her sessions. In addition to reading tarot cards, she is a clairvoyant,
a medium, and a pet psychic. “I work with my clients in a variety of ways to explore their present and
future, as well as their past. I connect with loved ones on the Other Side and your angels and guides. I give
answers on love, career, finances, family, and your purpose in this life. I’m also an adviser and can help
you with decision-making.”

In her years of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Pauline has enjoyed the pleasant and friendly
environment the fairs provide. “I have met some incredibly awesome people while helping them with their
path. I have returning customers that don’t live close to me and they all have the opportunity to come to a
Michigan Psychic Fair to get a reading.”

If you would like to get a reading from Pauline, you can see her at many Michigan Psychic Fair events or
connect with her through her website