Reader Spotlight – Joanne

Joanne has always had the goal of helping people. In fact, she began college with the intent
of working as a counselor, but, after two years of psychology and sociology classes, she
realized she could help more people by working with her gifts as a psychic.

She has been seeing spirit people since she was a child, and her abilities as a psychic
followed shortly after. Once she realized these natural talents dovetailed nicely with the
classes she had been taking in college, Joanne set herself on a course of study, taking
classes in tarot and mediumship under various teachers. She has now been working as a
reader for over 35 years, and has written and lectured on the topics extensively.

Clients can seek Joanne’s counsel through psychic and intuitive reading, psychic
counseling, and tarot sessions. She is also an expert in reincarnation and past lives.

Joanna has worked Michigan Psychic Fairs for over five years, and continues to enjoy the
clients she meets there. “I find this is a good way for me to connect with people that can
benefit from my help. It is a nice environment, and I have met many wonderful people

To connect with Joanne directly, you can email her at [email protected] If you
would like a session with her at one of our fairs, use the contact us link on our website at to enquire about the events she’s scheduled for.