Reader Spotlight – Bethany

Spirit has been speaking to Bethany since she was a small child, but it took years for her natural talents to develop into a business. “I was 17 years old when I first discovered the world of intuition and have been using it ever since. I didn’t actually start reading, though, until I was in my early twenties.”

Bethany has worked with many teachers over the years, but her first had a profound impact. “The lady
who taught me to read was from the Philippines. She taught me to read from a deck of playing cards. She really helped me to open up my mind to see this other world.” Years later, Bethany’s favorite teacher helped her to push her boundaries, developing the skills she uses now. “She was the most amazing and beautiful and mind-expanding teacher. She helped me form healthy relationships with the departed. I channeled higher-entity angels and the Ascended Masters. There were some rough moments, but I came out with flying colors, resulting in some accurate information. It was all worth it in the end.”

Bethany’s readings range from mediumship and tarot cards to channeling guides and angels. In her
mediumship sessions, “the connection to lost loved ones, friends and family members, including animals, helps the client release any hurt or sorrow from the loss. The messages received are generally ones the client was waiting for or needing to hear from the departed. This reunion can be anything from pleasant to sad. It’s different for everyone.” To help her clients visualize the information they are receiving, Bethany turns to the cards: “Tarot readings and angel readings are a wonderful and interesting way to help the clients see their possible outcomes in a concrete manner. The readings generally fold out like a story, at which point I contact my client’s guides and angels, bringing the client the answers they were waiting for. Tarot is a wonderful tool to use and helps the client see what I’m trying to convey. I really don’t have to use cards, but I do for the client’s benefit or at their request.”

Of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Bethany says, “The fairs have given me so much experience with all walks of life. I have been touched emotionally by some of the most beautiful and interesting people. They all have given me purpose. I hope and pray I have touched my clients’ lives with my gifts. I am grateful for the fairs as a space to help others and to help further their lives along. In the end, it’s all about love and compassion.”

If you would like a session with Bethany, you can connect with her at most Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for specific dates and locations) or visit her website. Don’t miss the beautiful handmade scarves she vends, as well.