Reader Spotlight

Below is a list of our frequent participants, with links to information about each of them:

There are many kinds of psychics, and many reasons to talk to one. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to select a reader who you connect with when you come to a Michigan Psychic Fair. Our readers work with a wide variety of tools and modalities. Many also specialize in finding solutions in specific areas like relationships, health, finding your life path, or resolving lingering grief. Knowing what it is that you really want to discuss can be a huge help in selecting the right reader for you. Each reader is ready to answer any questions you have about how they work, what tools they use, what you can expect out of a session with them, how long they’ve been reading, and so on.

Before choosing a reader, we recommend spending a few minutes thinking about what you’re really looking for in a reader and what you are looking to gain from your reading:


  • Do you want a reader who uses a particular tool, like a tarot deck or pendulum?
  • Do you have a methodology you prefer, such as palmistry or astrology?
  • Is there a specific issue you are seeking insight on, or are you just looking for something general?
  • Do you need a psychic who can contact those who have passed to the other side?


Once you arrive at the fair, check out our literature table—all of the psychics reading that day have flyers, signs, or other promotional literature about themselves.

Feel free to chat with any of the readers who aren’t in a session with another client. This chat is very useful in determining whether or not the reader has the skill set you are looking for, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to see if you feel a connection, or even if this is a voice you’d want to listen to for the duration of the session.

This is a great opportunity to see who is available as well as to learn a little bit about that reader. The psychics who work with us honestly want you to have the best possible experience at our events, even if that means you get a reading with someone else. If you are here specifically to connect with your grandmother who has passed to the Other Side, for example, our readers are happy to tell you whether or not they think they will be able to connect with you and Spirit to do so.

Trust your own intuition. Many times, our customers enter the fair and are instantly drawn to a psychic, often for no reason that they can articulate. This is one of the best indicators that a psychic has information that you need to hear. Don’t worry – Our readers won’t be offended if, after this talk, you decide to move on to someone else. They want you to get the reading you need, even if that isn’t with them.