Reader Spotlight – Danielle S

Danielle is a mystic, intuitive, metaphysician, astrologer, adviser, and energy artist. She is also a global empath, human and interspecies – co-experiencing sensations as a true, Aquarian Age archetypal pure vessel. Her first spiritual experience was as a young child, seeing a tall angel watching her by her bedside one night. Danielle lives as a conduit for higher awareness, witness, love, healing, change, creativity, joy, and truth per Divine Intent.
Her lucid spiritual sensitivities ascertain and share higher insights from Divine Universal Source, whether through wisdom, extrasensory perceptions, angelic guides &/or directly from Creator. Danielle has experienced virtually every form of psychic/siddhi ability, according to what is genuinely needed, while compassionately advising and/or healing others, from mundane to profound matters, with proven specific results. She also clears and heals objects and spaces.
Danielle was “always awake”, as told in lucid dreams since 1985 – exceptionally attuned to the spiritual Cosmos, seeing the old 11:11 signals daily and more, long before it all became popular phenomenon. Danielle was also originally born with Orion star markings and a natal Ascendant conjunct Pluto conjunct the SuperGalactic Center of deep intimate soul and spirit energies, with an original birth numerology lifepath of 11 for mystical empathy.
Her personal ascensions, including the worldwide release of new angelic blueprinting for various soul groups, were in 2011 & 2013 near the Winter Solstices, beyond 24 chakras (3 stacked lightbodies of soul groups, planetary, & intergalactic service). This reflects much experience from intense past completed spiritual work co-integrated with the full concerns of human Earth living. Her transition supported the 2012 new Earth planetary grid changes & human consciousness awakenings necessary for future sustainable stewardship.
Danielle’s consultation offerings now are on: Your In-Born Astrology Gifts (per the new corrected planetary rulerships she has discovered), Natal Birth Aura Colors (precise time &
location preferred, but chart rectification also available), Rock/Crystal Expertise, New comprehensive Tarot Methodology, Intuitive Counsel and constructive transformation guidance, Energy Healing Alchemy, and various Special Interest Topics such as twin flame and soul mate relationships, comparative religions, spirituality, & paranormal experiences.
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