Reader Spotlight – Cindy

Reading the cards is a family legacy for Cindy: When she was a young girl, she learned the basics of
focusing on images and messages inside her mind by watching her mother do the same as a psychic
medium. “It didn’t make any sense to me back then,” Cindy remembers, “but my mother knew I had the
ability to read.” By the time she was in her twenties, Cindy was a reader in her own right, using the same
Hungarian Gypsy Card deck her mother had used, a deck she uses to this day.

Cindy’s psychic training didn’t end with her mother. “She was just the beginning of a long list of people
psychics and mediums my family were close to,” and who influenced her as a young psychic. “To name a
few- Jeanette Boughton (a psychic medium and automatic writer), Jeannie McNeil, Robert Taylor, and
many more.”

After a career at the Big Three, Cindy is happy to now dedicate herself full time to sharing he psychic gifts.
“I am really starting to excel at this new chapter in my life, one that I could only imagine before now. It’s
really kind of fun, and it’s an adventure at the same time. I would not be able to be the reader that I am
without all of the people and family who have come into my life throughout the years- people who shared
their wisdom, knowledge, and kindness, and most of all their support and positive advice. I really have to
thank my husband, children, and family for encouraging me to follow my dreams.”

Of working with Michigan Psychic Fair, Cindy reports that she loves the fair’s “great energy.” “I look
forward to being with my fellow readers. I like that people can come and be with us for a short time, and I
can give them messages and advice that they can use in the future.”

During sessions with clients, Cindy tries to stay on the positive side. “I ask Spirit to send me the truth and
positive messages for everyone.”

If you would like to experience one of Cindy’s uplifting card sessions or enjoy her services as a medium,
you can meet her at most Michigan Psychic Fair events (contact us for specific dates) or contact her
through her Facebook page.