Reader Spotlight – Christa

Growing up, Christa Lynn was taught to not believe in psychics. So when she had a reading as an adult,
she didn’t take the messages she was given very seriously. At first. But the reading stirred something
inside her. The reader had told her she had strong psychic powers and that she needed to learn to read the cards to offer her talents in service of others. Christa eventually realized that, even as a child, she had
always had a gift: “Information comes to me in a way that, in the past, I thought I was making things up. I
tend to just know things, but don’t know how I know, which is why I didn’t realize it was a psychic gift.
Eventually, I came to understand it was a gift from God and that I was to use it to help others.”

Christa set herself on a path of self-discovery and study to become the tarot card reader she is today.
“When I discovered that I was psychic, I studied lots of different types of tarot cards and oracle cards, and
different spreads and layouts. Ultimately, it was the tarot cards that spoke to me and relayed the most
accurate information, and the Past, Present, Future spread seemed to work the best, so I stuck with it. I do
occasionally use the oracle cards in my readings, as well.”

Sessions with Christa are fairly straightforward: “I do tarot card readings in a Past, Present, Future spread
that will touch briefly on what has happened in your past, (mainly to connect with you), work on the
issues of your present and then inform you of what is in store for you in the future and the best ways to
improve it. I will tell you what I see in the cards, and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Occasionally, if a deceased loved one is present, messages may be relayed. I study the Law of Attraction
and receive information on how you can live your life better, happier, and more successfully. My readings
are focused on helping you improve your life.”

Christa enjoys the unique experience of working at Michigan Psychic Fair events. “The customers are a
diverse group, some needing little help, some just some insight, and some are in desperate need of
answers. It is always wonderful to help others.”

If you would like more information on Christa, please see her website. For more information on Michigan
Psychic Fair, or a current schedule of events, please go to for details.